Your home is your largest investment AND the place you spend, not just the most time, but your most important time…your time. Behakal Kibret will match you with the home that reflects you and your world while building your financial future. Addis Ababa real estate is arguably the greatest investment opportunity in the world today. While buying a home in such an expensive market can seem overwhelming, in fact, it is one of the fastest ways to start growing your personal wealth.

Equal parts social worker, Tour operator and businessman Behakal Kibret is your advocate in making your dream lifestyle a reality on any scale. Searching for a home can be stressful without a hard-working expert on your side. Behakal Kibret takes the burden off you. In his capable hands, the process of finding your dream home is easy and even more prosperous than you had hoped.

Behakal Kibret has the knowledge, training, and skills to move you to the next level of your Addis Ababa lifestyle. From Jemo , to Sarbet, Piassia , to Bole, to Hayat, Behakal Kibret knows all that Addis  has to offer your unique tastes. He will put his negotiation skills and knowledge of the city to work toward building dream life.

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